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Xenon Halogen Headlight Upgrade

Classic Car 7" Sealed Beam Xenon Halogen Conversion Headlight Kit
Classic Car Headlight Conversion Kit A Pair of Classic Domed Lensed 7" Halogen conversion headlight units for your Classic Lamps come fitted with a pair of Mega White 60/55w Xenon Halogen bulbs replacing the standard with Xenon gas technology Brilliant mega white glow with up to 50% more light Simple upgrade - no changes to wiring needed High performance bulbs improve the comfort and safety of night driving These will replace your dim sealed beam units like for like and make you headlights 50% brighter Fully E marked and UK MOT standard The units come fitted with a 60/55w halogen bulb that is 50% brighter than the original sealed unit These are a straight swap for all sealed beam units such as Wipac or Lucas 7014 The main 3 pin wiring connector is the same as the original and they have a 5w sidelight unit built in If you need another type please contact us as we have many different make's for all models
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