5 3/4" H1 H4 Halogen Headlamp Headlight Set

5 3/4" H1 H4 Halogen Headlamp Headlight Set

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5 3/4" H1 H4 Halogen Headlamp Headlight Set Early British & American Import


A Set of 4 Classic Domed Lensed 5 & 3/4" Halogen conversion headlight units for your Classic These will replace your dim sealed beam units like for like and make you headlights 50% brighter Fully E marked and UK MOT standard These are Suitable for all early British cars with twin 5 & 3/4" Sealed Beam Inserts The outer main beam and dip units come fitted with a 60/55w halogen 3 pin H4 bulb that is much brighter than the original sealed unit and has a built in 5w sidelight unit The inner main beam only units come fitted with a 55w single pin H1 bulb and the base plate has an earth so you original 2 wire set up can still be used The sidelight is a very simple positive & negative 6.3mm spade terminal connection and is a very easy conversion from the original If you do not need a sidelight let us know as we can be remove and blank for you if not required If you need another type please contact us as we have many different make's for all models
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Additional Information

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